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London’s calling for a reliable cold chain

The restaurant scene in London has never been more sought after, and with a staggering 65 Michelin star restaurants now open in the capital, it is not hard to see why. Featuring big name chefs and high quality food, these restaurants rely heavily on the delivery of the freshest ingredients on a daily basis.


Awards success for Courier Express Ltd

We are pleased to announce we have been named Refrigerated Courier of the Year at the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution (TCS&D) Awards 2016.


Right on time: reliable refrigerated courier solutions for the food industry

The highly degradable nature of food products means that temperature control is critical during storage and transportation. In fact, figures have revealed that more than 40% of food is lost in the pre-consumption stage during harvest, drying, storage and transport. However, cold chain technology is going a long way to reducing this waste, as John Lee, managing director of Courier Express Refrigerated Transport Ltd explains.


On the road to reliable pharmaceutical logistics

The high value of pharmaceuticals means that companies cannot afford to risk degradation of expensive drugs during transportation. Increasingly pharmaceutical professionals are relying on temperature controlled transportation to protect the integrity and quality of their products, and avoid unnecessary wastage in the cold chain. John Lee, managing director of Courier Express Refrigerated Transport Ltd explains.


Achieving pole position with refrigerated transportation

In the world of Formula 1, speed is fundamental to success, whether that is achieving the fastest lap time during qualifying or the quickest pit stop during a championship race, every second counts. However, as John Lee, managing director of Courier Express explains, the need for speed is not limited to the track.

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Courier Express continues regional growth

As one of the UK’s leading providers of specialised temperature-controlled transportation solutions, we have significantly expanded our operational capabilities after opening a new regional site in Kettering.


Festive Season Approaches

As the festive season soon approaches.  Our opening hours over the festive season are detailed below.

                      Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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