Specialised Temperature Sensitive Deliveries

Our extensive fleet of refrigerated vehicles are all manufactured with equipment that can accommodate any temperature sensitive delivery. Deliveries such as Ice Sculptures, Metal, Wax and many other products are moved frequently using our fleet of refrigerated vehicles. All vehicles are capable of extreme heated or frozen capabilities to satisfy any sensitive delivery request.

All vehicles are fitted with temperature recording equipment tracking which provides delivery, journey tickets on request to provide due diligence for our services. Our vehicles are also fitted with tracking systems for immediate vehicle locality.


Specialised Deliveries

Temperature controlled logistics is important in the correct storage and transportation of chocolate to ensure there is zero product loss from problems such as melting or blooming.  Our extensive fleet of temperature controlled vehicles are manufactured to ensure our transportation is smooth and provides as much flexibility for the movement of chocolate and any confectionery from collection point to delivery point.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre products offer advantages for advanced material solutions such as light-weight, high-tensile strength, manufacturing flexibility and heat resistance. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles provide the extreme frozen temperatures (-18oc to -25oc) capabilities that are required for the transportation of these products for the use of businesses if the construction of commercial aircraft and Formula 1 racing cars.  

Specialised Deliveries


Horticulture & Flowers

Transporting flowers at the desired temperature is critical and having reliable temperature controlled vehicles will maintain the products at the correct temperature allowing them to deliver the colourful flowers in all their glory and making the most of their short life-span. As standard, flowers need to be kept at a chilled temperature of 5°C to 7°C, anything below or above this range would affect the quality of the goods.
We also understand the extra facilities which are added to our fleet over and above a standard refrigerated vehicle conversion.  Our vehicles refrigeration units are fitted with added heat/cool facility this allows the fridge van to understand the temperature in the outside world and adjust the temperature controlled load space accordingly. For example, if it is a cold winter day outside, the refrigeration unit will work to heat up the load space reaching the desired chilled temperature. Alternatively, if it is a much warmer or hotter day, the refrigeration unit will work to cool down the load space as expected.

Specialised Deliveries