‘Doing Our Bit’ – with heightened safety

With the Covid-19 virus temporarily halting many business operations, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know that, while it is not quite ‘business as usual’, we are ensuring all appropriate measures have been put in place to allow us to continue providing our class leading service.


And as you would expect we are taking all the necessary hygiene precautions to ensure all our drivers and all our customers remain safe.


While many restaurants have unfortunately had to close their doors, there are many retailers, particularly food shops throughout the UK that depend on our refrigerated transportation expertise, to support them in supplying the general public. We do not intend to let them down and have put the following procedures in place, not only for our drivers, who are working tirelessly to ensure deliveries arrive on time, but also our office staff.


Our revised measures now include:


  • Gloves and relevant PPE (personal protective equipment) have been supplied to all office staff and drivers, ensuring minimal opportunity for contamination.
  • More hand sanitisers have been distributed across the entire business along with regular sterilisation of office equipment and furniture.
  • Physical interaction has been reduced to a minimum throughout the business, with remote working being implemented where possible and social distancing being mandatory elsewhere.
  • All vehicles have been subjected to an intensified sterilisation process, inside and out, including the driving area and parts regularly touched by hands and feet.
  • Human interaction has been further reduced at delivery points, with deliveries left in pre-agreed ‘safe areas’ or deliveries being unloaded directly by the customers.
  • Food will be kept securely packaged throughout the supply chain with no opportunity for contamination during our handling.

These are unprecedented times, and a very new and unique challenge for everyone. 


We make hundreds of multiple site drop offs each week and we not only fully understand the precautions that need to be taken but also the reliance our customers, and of course their customers, have on us.


With this in mind we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers and wish you all the very best during this tough time. Together, united we stand. 


Stay safe and healthy everyone. 


Should you have any concerns or queries regarding our delivery methods or current precautions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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