An expanding fleet to meet expanding demands

You may remember at the end of 2018 we spoke of further growth and an expected expansion of our fleet for 2019. Well, just like our faultless and efficient delivery service we have delivered…

We are constantly looking to improve our service offer and never want to let our customers down. Now with increasing requests for transporting refrigerated goods across the UK, we have added to our range of state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled vehicles, which will allow us to continue to deliver a market leading service.

Throughout 2019 we have added five new 19 plate multi-temperature vehicles, an additional 7.5 tonne Isuzu truck and a new 19 plate LDV van with a payload of 1,100kg (up from the standard 900kg), with a single chamber. And with new vehicles already planned for the near future, we are focussed on continuing to grow our fleet to keep pace with our already busy order book.

Maintaining a strong fleet of new vehicles doesn’t just allow us to maintain our obligations to our fast-growing customer base, but also allows us to comply with imposed emissions levels and pass on any surcharge savings to our customers.

Our vehicles come fully equipped with temperature sensitive technologies, providing full visibility of temperature-controlled assets throughout the entire journey and maintaining the integrity of the produce to ensuring degradation, avoiding loss of key stock and ultimately any potential impact on a customer’s bottom line. Through continuous investment in our state-of-the-art fleet, we guarantee our customers modern vehicles that safeguard against detrimental breakdowns and the associated repair costs.

Ensuring we have a fleet of vehicles capable of meeting your needs wouldn’t be complete without making sure we have the right team to operate them. This is why throughout the year we took on multiple experienced drivers who share our determination to deliver your goods in perfect condition, every time.

2019 has been an exciting year for the business’ expansion and we expect to see this grow even further as we continue to build on our fleet, team, presence and services.

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