Chillin’ in a right royal way

With an additional and what looks like is going to be busy bank holiday weekend of people ‘chillin’ to celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation, it remains essential that refrigerated goods arrive to their destination on time and in the best possible condition.

The logistical challenges of delivering the necessary food and drink safely and without delay during busy periods of a celebration is something hoteliers, restaurateurs and landlords are all too familiar with. Supply chain issues can often lead to unexpected delays, leaving businesses out of stock and as a result, out of favour with their customers.

Refrigerated couriers, however, can provide a number of services to combat this, multi-drop and emergency palletised deliveries are just two of the ways delivery solutions providers can adapt to their clients’ individual needs. Providing a range of services with a personalised delivery-by-delivery basis is vital to the success of not only the courier, but also the establishment in question and the wider supply chain at large.

As UK law requires all cold food deliveries to maintain a temperature of 8°C for the duration of a journey, food degradation throughout the ‘cold chain’ is a serious concern, not only to ensure customer satisfaction, but also as a health and safety issue.

Those throughout the hospitality industry that outsource to a reliable, experienced refrigerated courier have the most to gain. The benefits of working with a flexible and technologically advanced logistics provider are paramount to an establishment’s success. The reduction in time wastage and food spoilage relieves the stress that can come with supply chain issues, and ultimately benefits not only the profits of a business, but its reputation as well.

Courier Express, with the help of temperature monitoring technology and vehicle trackers, is able to reliably and safely service the industry, ensuring the quality of deliveries and reducing the overall amount of food wasted as a result of unreliable couriers.

As an award-winning delivery provider, Courier Express reliably serves a nationwide customer base with specialised, temperature-controlled deliveries that assure safety and satisfaction. From offices across the UK in Manchester, London, Leeds, Milton Keynes and the Midlands, we cater to hospitality in timely and often last-minute circumstances.

The British Monarch has long been an international figure of reliance and stability, two qualities that are valuable not only in a ruler, but as it happens, a refrigerated courier service as well. And as the pubs, restaurants, beer gardens and streets fill-up to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III over the extra bank holiday weekend, we have been given, make sure to choose a refrigerated delivery solutions provider that can genuinely ensure quality, safety and punctuality every time.
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