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Refrigerated transportation is a vital, and frequently overlooked component of the safe and time sensitive distribution of high-value pharmaceutical products, or at least it was, until the Covid pandemic.

In the UK, even before the arrival of the vaccine, there has been a 20% increase in demand for medicines and a 35% rise in the number of prescriptions dispensed.


With demand like this and the associated risks linked to poor temperature control during transportation, it can have a knock-on effect on the health and wellbeing of patients if important shipments are not transported in the appropriate manner. 


It is well documented that 25% of vaccines degrade by the time they reach their destination due to failures in cold storage transportation and 20% of temperature dependent drugs are damaged because of broken cold supply chains.


Courier Express’ market leading pharmaceutical courier capabilities safeguard deliveries are stored at precise temperatures to ensure they retain their potency and effectiveness.


Our advanced fleet of high specification vehicles, from 3.5t multi-temperature, all the way up to 18 tonnes, each fitted with state-of-the-art ‘real time’ temperature monitoring systems, allow us to maintain the quality of temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines at all points of the journey, from initial collection to final delivery point.


With such controlled temperature demands in mind, it is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Refrigerated logistics providers need to offer a growing degree of flexibility to deal with delicate time critical requirements of pharmaceutical companies. 


Pharmaceuticals come in all shapes and sizes and with varying degradation levels, meaning transportation temperatures must be extremely accurate. This is why Courier Express ensure they always employ the latest technology in all their vehicles to guarantee the required temperatures needed. Their fleet can support pharmaceutical deliveries that necessitate temperatures between 

-25°C and +15°C, and with multiple temperature chambers within each vehicle.


With pharmaceutical manufacturers in the midst of rolling out an effective vaccine to fight the Covid-19 virus, the pressure and challenges are mounting to find logistics companies that are capable of meeting the demand and the exacting standards required. 


At Courier Express, our in-depth knowledge of the sector and many years’ experience delivering key pharma products across the UK has led to us setting up strategically placed delivery network hubs. 


We currently have hubs in Manchester, London, Milton Keynes, the Midlands and Leeds, with vehicles ready to pick-up from most UK locations only 60-90 minutes away. And our modern fleet, is fitted with state-of-the-art temperature recording equipment and dual temperature compartments with bulkheads.


Our team of highly experienced and dedicated drivers regularly face countless challenges when transporting highly-sensitive products, which is why our pharmaceutical customers can remain assured we will always meet their demands and requirements.

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