Delivering Easterssentials

In the current climate ensuring every refrigerated item arrives on time and in the best possible condition is vital and it becomes even more so at busy times of the year such as Easter.

Unreliable deliveries can lead to a dissatisfied client, often resulting in lost sales and consequently a reduction in revenue. With the Easter period well and truly upon us, hoteliers, restaurateurs and landlords must meet the increase in customers and therefore demand, by ensuring all angles are covered. It’s here where a reliable, efficient refrigerated courier service can often make the difference.

From multi-drop deliveries, to emergency pallatised and product sampling, these are just a few of the ways a reliable refrigerated courier service can effectively ensure success.

While delays in supply chains are well documented and reported, when it comes to the hospitality sector, food degradation is also a serious problem. The logistical challenges of keeping produce fresh and safe for consumption cannot be underestimated. Not only for the sake of a business, but for health reasons as well.

UK law requires all cold food deliveries to maintain a constant temperature of 8°C or below to preserve the condition of the produce. With the help of technology, including temperature monitoring equipment and tracking devices, Courier Express is able to ensure the quality of all deliveries by wirelessly monitoring the contents of vehicles.

The importance of maintaining a consistent and reliable ‘cold chain’ cannot be understated. Produce must arrive in excellent condition and on-time, not only to ensure the reputation and revenue of an establishment, but also to aid in the reduction of food waste throughout the supply chain.

Embracing the benefits of outsourcing to a reliable refrigerated courier service can not only result in efficiencies, but also flexibility and speed. Combined with experience, they are all unequivocal ‘value-adds’ that a refrigerated courier, servicing the hospitality sector, can bring – an ability to adapt to the varied needs of clients, on a delivery-by-delivery basis, is essential.

Safeguarding your business, at critical times of year such as Easter, by choosing a refrigerated logistics provider that prides itself on maintaining the quality, speed and reliability of its service, even on last minute deliveries, is a no brainer!

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