Cheers! – Looking ahead to a welcome return

On 12th April the country took another positive step forward in the wake of the pandemic, as we were all once again able to venture back into pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes, albeit we had to stay in beer gardens and outdoor dining areas, to enjoy a freshly pulled pint, coffee or a meal.

This long-awaited development formed part of the Prime Minister’s four-step plan in easing lockdown and getting the country, and the hospitality industry, back up and to a level of normality.

With friends and family meeting up and enjoying the latest relaxed level of Covid rules, we are also stepping closer to the next phase of the plan: the full reopening of the pub and hospitality industry.

From 17th May pubs will be allowed to reopen their doors to the public and allow them access to indoor seating. As it stands the rules will still require patrons to observe social distancing and the ‘rule of six’ but nonetheless this is an extremely positive move for everyone.

It is of course no surprise that the hospitality industry has been hit extremely hard by Covid-19 but there is now light at the end of the tunnel. With this in mind, there is no doubt publicans will want to hit the ground running and ensure their businesses are doing the best they can in offering quality drinks and the freshest of foods to their long-lost customers.

This is where ensuring you have a reliable and dedicated refrigerated courier service can make the difference. Courier Express’ market leading 24/7 UK-wide multi-drop food service delivery solution has specifically been designed around the food and drink sector. For the last 18 years our dedication to deliver a quality refrigerated courier service has meant we have successfully kept customers delighted and as a result we have attracted a host of high-profile customers as well as ensured we maintain a productive and seamless network across the UK.

With strategic locations in ManchesterLondonLeedsMilton Keynes and the Midlands, we are best placed to serve a multitude of hospitality businesses and drive your business forward.

We know how important it is for you to receive consignments on time and still in their original qualitive state. Our goal is to help the hospitality industry delight their customers once again and with our expanding fleet, kitted out with the latest refrigerated and tracking technologies, we aim to meet all our customers’ demands whilst we maintain our competitive, timely, accurate temperature deliveries.

Our wide-ranging – 3.5 to 26 tonnes – state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated vehicles offer the flexibility to accommodate any temperature-controlled shipment, providing seamless cold chain solutions for all frozen, chilled, ambient or multi-temperature products, whatever the size of the consignment or the end delivery location.

Whether you require extreme frozen temperatures (-18°C to -25°C) or chilled temperature of 5°C to 7°C, we can provide a specialist courier service to help drive your business forward.

The Covid-19 virus has meant the pressure and challenges in finding refrigerated logistics companies that are capable of meeting the demand and the exacting standards required within the hospitality sector are high. With competition expected to be fierce among pubs, publicans will be trying their hardest to entice more customers and build loyalty from them.

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated drivers regularly face countless challenges when transporting food and beverage products, which is why our hospitality customers can remain assured we will always meet their demands and requirements, and help them remain competitive.

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