Refrigerated Courier Round-Up

Refrigerated Courier Round-Up

It’s been a busy year for all of us here at Courier Express Refrigerated Transport, delivering temperature-sensitive products to customers throughout the country, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the last couple of weeks, in particular, there have been a host of projects we have been excited to work on. These range from some of our usual refrigerated deliveries for customers, to projects that don’t come around too often.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the projects we have completed over recent months…

Going Continental 🇫🇷

We have been providing quality and reliable refrigerated courier solutions to companies across the UK since 2003.

Although we offer some fantastic services to our customers in the South East, it’s very rare for us to venture that one step further and head across the Channel to complete deliveries throughout mainland Europe.

At the start of November, one of our most long-standing customers, Park Cake Bakeries, based in Oldham close to our HQ in Manchester, required refrigerated food product samples to be delivered to France.

We’re not ones to shy away from a request – it never ‘pains’ us to do anything for our customers. We were more than happy to assist to ensure their food samples arrived on time and in the perfect condition.

Vehicles Full of Vaccines 💉

We’re on the cusp of winter and, unfortunately, flu season is in full swing. For many hospitals and health centres, this time of the year means the rollout of the flu vaccine for eligible individuals. 

As a refrigerated transport company with experience and expertise in transporting products for pharmaceuticals, we have been extremely busy making sure flu vaccinations are delivered in plenty of time and at the ideal ‘cold’ temperature to ensure they arrive in optimum condition.

We do this every year on behalf of our pharmaceutical customers and we’re proud to play a small part in ensuring the millions of people get their flu jabs to keep them healthy.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerated Courier

Football Fever

Like many, the team at Courier Express loves ‘heading’ to the football on Saturday to wind down after a busy week.

For some, going to the football means grabbing a pie and a couple of pints before kick-off. But did you know that we deliver pies, along with a whole host of refrigerated foods, to many football grounds right across the country?

We work with both the food manufacturer and football clubs to ensure products are delivered before the crowds arrive on a Saturday. The perfect ‘result’ for everyone.

Refrigerated Food Courier - Football

At Courier Express, we’re more than happy to accommodate for any refrigerated transport requirement, ranging from small items through to large refrigerated pallets, which may often require our refrigerated haulier service. If you would like a quote for your delivery, you can use the ‘Quick Quote’ form, or visit our ‘contact us’ page here.

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